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January: The year kicks off with millions of Americans making millions of promises.  Many of these promises revolve around getting healthier, specifically, losing weight.  On New Year’s Eve, with champagne glasses raised high, legions of Americans swear “This is it.  This is the year.  I’m losing those 20, 40, 60+ pounds once and for all.”

The champagne is consumed, the ball drops, midnight kisses are exchanged and on January 1st, millions of people make an effort on millions of promises.  The first few weeks of January see a massive boost in gym membership sales and gym attendance.  Walking shoes are laced up, diets are started, and calories are counted with fierce determination.

By the third week of the year, lines for the treadmill at the gym are decreasing, will power is waning, and dieters can’t stand to see another carrot stick.  It’s an exhausting ritual that happens every January and while thousands will get healthier and lose weight, millions will not.

The challenge with weight loss is that many people really want to lose weight, and very few know how to lose weight and keep it off.

Dieting and going to the gym are great steps in getting healthier. But if you don’t know how to eat healthier or how to contort your body into the leg press machine, your intentions fall flat in the face of lack of knowledge.  Life is busy and learning a new, healthier lifestyle takes time and energy – especially if you are trying to do it on your own.

There is an easier way.

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD Ph.D., developed a safe and easy to follow weight loss program called Ideal Protein.  Ideal Protein is a 4-phase method based on 25 years of scientific research on how the body burns and stores fat, produces insulin, and regulates blood sugar levels.  Dr. Tran determined that in order to create sustained weight-loss, the body must be compelled to burn its fat reserves while maintaining crucial, calorie-burning, muscle mass at the same time.

In the interest of keeping this blog post to a reasonable length, we’re going to skip a lot of science.  If you are interested in the research, we invite you to visit the Weight Loss Page on our website to read the science behind Ideal Protein.  For the purpose of this discussion, let’s just say that rapid weight loss can be achieved through a carefully guided diet based on controlled portions of protein, fat, and carbs.  More importantly, that weight loss can be maintained with the knowledge to keep it off once your body “resets” your pancreas so that it stops over producing insulin.

Wait, wait, wait…rapid weight loss?  Just how rapid?  Naturally, results depend on starting weights and body size, but here are some success stories:

Adrienne, our Massage Therapist, and Dr. Bebell, our Acupuncture Physician, lost 36 pounds together in the first month, and after just three months in the program they lost a total of 85 pounds.  Almost a year later, they have maintained their weight and feel great!  Combined, our beginning group of dieters have lost a whopping 705 pounds and 545 inches. No yo-yo diets, no pills, shots, no drugs at all.  Ideal protein is all natural and while their delicious, simple to use foods are used until you reach your goal weight, the Ideal Protein protocol safely graduates you from packaged food support to a natural healthy diet to keep those pounds off.

January:  The year kicks off with millions of Americans breaking millions of promises.  Will you be one of them?  Will you let another year go by sacrificing your health and longevity because you just can’t figure out how to lose weight?  Weight loss isn’t mysterious.  Science answered the question of how to lose weight a long time ago.  What you need is to plug into that knowledge.  You need the support of a weight loss coach who has succeeded in transforming her life and the lives of others.  You need an easy to follow eating plan that starts out supported by preservative-free, low sodium, delicious packaged food.  You need to see how many pounds melt away in just two weeks and you will know that your life has changed forever.

Two weeks on Ideal Protein and you will know that excess weight
will never, ever rule your life again.

Losing weight on your own can be a frustrating, painful, up-hill battle that bogs down the mind and drains the spirit.  Come visit us.  Learn about the dozens of others who have lost a lifetime of excess weight in just 4 months.  Meet the i spa team members who collectively lost over 150 pounds in the past year.  Take a look at our before and after pictures.  Let us do a free health assessment with our Body Composition Analyzer and show you why “now” is good time to make a change.  Let us help you transform your life forever.


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