Not Feeling Springy? Try Yoga!

Yoga Class

Imagine a group of people sitting on mats with one foot behind their head and their hands intertwined behind their backs.

What does this make you think about?  (Aside from pain and possible hysterical laughter).

Did you say Yoga?

Many people associate Yoga with images of slender, willow, beautiful people twisting their bodies into almost impossible contortions.   Humorous, and almost always inaccurate, variations of Downward Dog and Tree poses are rampant on TV sitcoms and have helped create the impression that Yoga is all about being flexible.

There is More to Yoga Than Meets The Spry!

While developing lean, strong, flexible muscles is a part of yoga, those really are benefits of yoga, not the actual essence of the practice.  Yoga, in its traditional form, is firmly grounded in meditation. This is a spiritual concept of thought and breathing coupled with gentle movement of the body.  It does not involve worship and does not conflict with religious beliefs.  Traditional Yoga is about achieving and maintaining balances that allow you to exist in a state of wellness.

Meditative yoga is gentle and soothing. It aims to still the fluctuations of your mind with guided movement while, reducing pain and weakness in the body. Pain and stress are distractors to the mind and they interfere in your mind-body-spirit balance, which is essential to healthy living.

Traditional yoga can bring calm and clarity into your life.  The mind relaxes, the spirit centers, and the body grows healthier and stronger.  This simultaneous process can drastically improve your overall wellness.

The calming and healing core of yoga extends far beyond the classroom or studio.   The benefits of yoga do not end when the class ends. You can take what you learn in class and apply that knowledge in your own time and space.  Everything you learn about breathing techniques, meditation, and poses you get to keep forever.


Not Feeling Springy?  Try Yoga!

Wait, didn’t we just say that Yoga was about more than flexibility?  So what’s this deal about “feeling springy”? Well, feeling “springy” is about more than supple muscles.  We are also taking about your sense of wellbeing.  Do you have a bounce in your steps?  Are you, like the season, full of a sense of renewal?  Are you energized and full of life?

If you are finding yourself sluggish, tired, stress or inflexible, consider a yoga class.  The i spa Yoga class meets every Saturday from 10:00am to 11:30am. Next classes starting, April 20, 2013.  It’s a safe, fun place to shake off the cobwebs, take a deep breath, and soothe your body.


Introducing Doug Warner

The i spa Health Studio is privileged to have Doug Warner as our Yoga Instructor. Doug is an RYT 500, which is just as cool as it sounds.  It means that he has achieved the highest level of certification available as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

With 19 years of experience, Doug is an insightful instructor who guides his students through cleansing breathing techniques and gentle poses that energize and strengthen their entire being.  The class he teaches at the studio are intentionally small, only 6 to 7 students at a time.   This allows him to give personal attention to everyone in the class.

Doug is a very knowledgeable instructor and can help advanced students grow in their personal yoga development.  He is also very dedicated to teaching beginners the meditative and physical components of traditional yoga.

Everyone is welcome to attend a yoga class at i spa Health Studio so, call today to reserve your space.   The Saturday class features a gentle, restorative form of Yoga that is open to all ages and physical ability.  Seniors, teenagers, beginners, individuals in wheelchairs – everyone is welcome.


What to Bring To Class

Most importantly, bring yourself and maybe a friend or three!

Wear comfortable clothing; however, make sure your clothes are somewhat fitted.  Here is why:  certain poses will make shorts or tops move.  If your clothing is too loose, you risk a lot of…let’s say “exposure”. Smile Remember, comfortable, but not overly baggy clothes.

If you have one, bring your Yoga mat. Doug has loaners he can share with beginners on their first class, but it is recommended that you have your own.  Yoga mats are very personal objects – you step on them and possibly even sweat on them. It’s better to have your own mat.  Blocks and props are provided by Doug.

A small towel and a bpa free bottle of water are also recommended.


Save Your Spot

Doug understands the importance of personal guidance and prefers to limit the class size to 7-8 students. So, give us a call today and reserve your healthful space at the next yoga class at 727-386-4004.

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