Get Your Spring On!

springThe birds are singing, the sun is shining (more and more), and flowers are blooming – it’s officially Spring!

It’s a wonderful time of the year.  We start to open our windows and emerge from the warm coziness of our homes.  Some of us will start gardening, others will head to baseball fields, and some will fastidiously clean every nook and cranny of their homes.

It’s the season of renewal, rebirth, and even reinvention.  There is something really special about the freshness of Spring. It’s almost as there is more space.  Perhaps it’s the longer daylight hours that invite more playfulness after work, or the delicious weekend days when the sun is warm, but not yet scorching.  

While January allows for new beginnings, resolutions sometimes feel like a mental commitment or pledge of obedience.   Spring holds a promise of its own.   Springs feels lighter.  It allows for a deep breath that expands the spirit even as it fills the lungs.  There is something symbolic about shedding your winter coat and layers of insulation.  We become synchronized with nature.  We are nourished by the warmth and refreshed by the breezes and somehow in the joy of it all we smile more, laugh more, and we feel better.

Winter, with it’s own beauty and charm, can be hard.  Long, cold winters can make us feel edgy, restless, irritable, sad, and even trapped. Our sense of well being can be disrupted. Colds and battles with the flu can leave us drained and sluggish.

Ah, but here is Spring!  Spring brings relief and restoration to mind, body, and spirit.  Have you found yourself pausing on a mild morning to face the sun and enjoy a moment of fresh air? Our rush to get in from the cold subsides.  Our steps relax into a less hectic pace.  We unfold from our winter huddles and stretch. In our own way, we bloom.

If you have been feeling this sense of renewal, run, with it. Better yet, soar with it!  
If you haven’t quite shaken off the winter blues, come see us at the i spa Health Studio.  We are in full Spring mode at the studio.  We have smiles and we have many ways to kick-start your sense of restoration and renewal.  

Whether it’s through the relaxation of a massage, the energy clearing of an Acupuncture session, the release of a Yoga class, or the relief of Weight Loss seminar that gets you on the right track for summer, we can help restore your sense of wellness.

Give us a call at (727) 386-4004 to schedule a session. Say goodbye to winter blues, and hello to Spring time joys!

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