Why Weekends Matter

We noticed something very interesting last week.

Usually, when we post a quote, a story, or a picture on the i spa Health Studio Facebook Page, we get some comments, a few likes, and about 100 views.happy friday

But not on Friday the 22nd of March.

On Friday we posted this picture:

That joyful reminder of the upcoming weekend was so popular it was view by over 525 Facebook members.  No paid promotions, no ads.  It organically reached an audience 5 times bigger than usual.

It got us wondering why?  What was so special about this post that is was so enthusiastically received?

Then it hit us.  People love the weekend.

Granted, not everyone works a traditional Monday to Friday schedule, but for those who do, Fridays are celebrated almost as much as a national holiday.  The reasons for this vary.  Some folks are thrilled to be away from work for two days.  Others are looking forward to family time, or time dedicated to sports and hobbies.  Folks who travel for work often get to go home on the weekend.

In February 2013 Forbes published an online article that outlined 14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends. While the activities themselves varied, there was an overall theme: they unwind.  In busy times where “success” often involves long work hours and little sleep, on the weekend people love to relax.

We’re going to skip the debate about the true nature of success, and instead focus on one key word:

Relaxation defines relaxation as: Abatement or relief from bodily or mental work, effort, application, etc.

We would like to add that relaxation involves release.  The release of tension, stress, preoccupation, obligation, worry, anxiety, and even concentration.   Relaxation is the time to shake it all off and re-set.  It’s not just something we like to do; it’s something we need to do.  Relaxation is so critical, that we worship the times we get to relax.  We steel ourselves on Monday morning and Tarzan swing through the week holding on to vine of sanity until Friday, oh delicious Friday, when we get to let go and free fall into that wonderful two day period called the weekend.  Ah yes, two days of “chilling out”

Periods of activity and rest are natural cycles.  Just like sleeping is a natural part of our 24 hour routine, Saturdays and Sundays represent the resting period of our weekly routines.  It’s our time of renewal and regeneration.  Our bodies know it and our minds crave it.

And that, we so boldly postulate, is the reason that a simple image saying “Happy Friday” broke records for views on the i spa Health Studio Facebook page. We inadvertently struck upon a theme that resonated with a broad audience.  Hundreds viewed, smiled, liked, and collectively celebrated the approach of the weekend.

We hope your weekend was wonderful and that you indulged into loads of restorative “chill time”.   If you ever find yourself struggling to relax or you can’t seem to get any downtime, come hang out with us at i spa Health Studio.  Give us a call at 727.386.4004 to join a Yoga class, book a massage, or schedule an acupuncture session.  We’ll have you soothed and renewed for sure!

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