Life-Long Solutions to Your New Year's Resolution

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New Year’s Resolutions. The mountain of pressure to commit to some meaningful change in your life…as if you weren’t busy enough already.  Who came up with this lovely tradition anyway? We did some Googling, and it turns out you can blame the Romans. They changed the New Year from March to this new month that they named January after the God of Roadways, Janus. Turns out this Janus bloke had two faces.  One faced back and the other forward.  This became symbolic for looking back in review of the prior year and looking ahead to the New Year just beginning.

Thanks to the Romans it’s time to dig into deep inside and come up with promises about amazing things we will do in the New Year to become better people.


The good news is that many of us don’t have to dig deep to come up with our list of resolutions.  We just dust off last year’s list and voila – we are done!  Easy, right?

Not really. There is whole ton of baggage that comes from rehashing the same resolutions year after year.  What is supposed to be an enthusiastic look forward is often tainted by a feeling of failure.

Consider the number one resolution in America: to lose weight. How many times have you made that resolution?  The five pounds you needed to lose in 2010 became 15 in 2011, 25 in 2012, and now the number seems so surreal you feel defeated before you started.

Guess what? There is hope!  Come talk to us at the i spa Health Studio. Ok, we can’t help you much with buying your first piano or learning Japanese, but if your New Year’s resolution involves getting healthier, we can really speed you along towards your goal.   We have Acupuncture and Massage to ease the pains that ails your body; Counseling to ease that which ails your mind, heart, and soul. And Yoga to ease pretty much everything and leave you quite flexible while you’re at it.  Nice bonus there!

The Romans made resolutions year after year. We say to heck with the Romans.  We’ve burnt our list of resolutions and we living life fully NOW. When it comes to getting healthy, having more energy, and finally feeling fit - the time is now.No more up and downs, no more promises, and no more stinking resolutions.  What you need is a life-long solution, and we have one!

If like millions of Americans, you are struggling with excess weight and unhealthy eating practices, now is the time to take advantage of our early Valentine’s Day special. We’re offering a couple's special now through February 28th, 2013 for $50.00 Off each of your first month’s packages when you and a loved one start our weight loss program together. Call us at 727.386.4004 to get started, or if you’d like to learn more about what the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method can do for you, read more about it on our weight loss page.

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