Tips For Getting It All Done Without The Stress

To Do List

The Holidays! For many, this is a time for family, decorations, gatherings, food, and gifts.  Fun right?  Well, I guess that depends.  Are you the one having to plan it all?  Are you the celebrated host who gets to spend weeks planning an event followed by days of clean up?  Is your fun factor hampered by the stress of having too much to do?  Not this year!  This year is going to be fun because the i spa team has the recipe for a stress-free holiday.  Check out our power tips for a cheerful season:

1. Make Lists

We know that not everyone is a fan of lists.  However, in busy times a list can be a powerful tool to help get things done in a timely manner. Lists that can be helpful during the holidays include:
• Gifts to buy
• Holiday cards to mail
• Packing and Travel lists
• Menu plans and shopping lists
• Holiday phone calls to make
• Things to do before going on holiday vacation
• Events we are attending and what we are wearing

Helpful Hint: Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Type the name of the list you need in a Google search, chances are you will find a detailed list ready to use.


2. Create A Realistic Schedule

How many times have you found yourself saying “I didn’t think that was going to take that long!”.  We tend to underestimate how long it takes us to do things.  From cooking a dish, hemming a skirt, or getting ready to go to out, be realistic of how long it will take you.  Then look at your list of things to do.  Based on your realistic time estimates, can you get it all done in the time you planned?  If it’s tight, move things around, or better yet, get some help!

Helpful Hint: To be safe, add an extra 10 minutes to your estimate for each task.


3. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Yes, we’re sure you can do the tasks on your list better than anyone else.  And certainly, it feels easier to do it yourself than teach someone else.   It doesn’t matter, it’s time to delegate!  Line up willing friends and family and not-so-willing spouses and teach them some skills!  The holidays are busy enough; this is not the time to take on the world.  
Take your handy-dandy list and assign task owners.  Kids are out of school?  Great!  They have just been appointed Vice Presidents of List Management!  After you congratulate them, give them something to do.  Here are great ideas for tasks that you can assign to kids (young and adult children!):
• Verify mailing addresses – have kids email or text friends and relatives to verify current mailing addresses.
• Kitchen Elves – mix batter, peel potatoes, chop veggies (if old enough to use a knife), and do dishes!
• Household clean up – sweep, mop, wash/dry/fold laundry, dust furniture, vacuum, clean bathrooms.
• Party Prep – decorate, choose the hor d'oeuvres (if safe driving age, pick-up the hor d'oeuvres), coordinate the music, and organize party games.

Helpful Hint: Outsource!  No one will suffer irreparable damage if you don’t personally cook every dish yourself or personally wrap each gift.  Pick up holiday favorites from local bakeries and restaurants.  Shop online and have gifts shipped already wrapped.  This saves time, money, and gas by avoiding busy and stressful malls and stores.


4. Take Care of You

With some planning and help, the holidays can be low stress…even…joyful! If you start feeling overwhelmed ask yourself:  Does this really need to happen?  Can we skip this task or event this year?  Can we replace this with something simpler?

If you need some “me” time, or have delegated so well that you have some free time, come see us at the i spa health studio for an hour of relaxation.  Whether it be Massage, Acupuncture, or Yoga, come relieve holiday stress in a serene environment or pick up some gift cards.  We’d be delighted to see you…and maybe you can help us with our list. Laughing

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