Post Election Relaxation

massage-therapy-stressDid you stay up late watching election results?  Stand for an hour waiting to vote?  Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are overflowing with comments about post election tiredness and stress.

If you are yawning, creaking, aching, or just overall dragging, give yourself a boost.  Visit your local massage therapist or acupuncturist and get some relief!  Proper massage and acupuncture removes toxins from the body and calms the mind.

With only seven weeks left in 2012, end the year with renewed energy and strength.  If you don’t have a regular practitioner, we invite you to visit us at i spa Health Studio. Call today at 727.386.4004 to schedule some YOU time.  Our beautiful facility provides a soothing atmosphere of wellness and our staff is experienced, patient, and dedicated to your well-being.

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