Too Much Halloween Candy?

halloween candyAh, October 31st - this the day for spooky goblins, adorable princesses, pint-size superheroes, and pounds of irresistible candy.   Super fun times!

November 1st - the day of chocolate hangovers, sugar cravings, and maybe even an upset tummy or two. Not nearly as much fun.

Maybe your kids were super cute and came home with twice their weight in candy.  Or perhaps, you overbought candy and now have tons left over.  All the candy in the house has everyone riding a roller coaster of Squirrel level sugar-highs followed by Zombie-like crashes.

Are you and your family reaching into the Halloween bowls for breakfast?  Keeping left-over Halloween candy in the house can lead to days of sugar overload, empty calorie consumption, and, brace yourself, weight gain. Yes, Halloween just got really scary!

Help is here! The i spa Health Studio team did some research and found great solutions to this common post-Halloween crisis. Before you head to the trash can with five pounds of perfectly good candy, consider these options for removing temptation from your home.

  • Donate the Candy – Do a Google search for “Candy Donation”, or “Women and Children Shelters” within your zip code. Chances are there are organizations near you that can use the candy as treats as they provide services to families with children over the holiday season.

  • Sell the Candy – go to to find a participating dentist near you.  The Dentist will buy back the candy with cash, gift cards, or trade items.  The candy is then donated to Operation Gratitude which ships care packages to United States Military Troops all over the world.

  • Make a Trade – Perhaps the concept of giving to others is not powerful enough to wrench the candy bags from your sugar-glazed kids.  To separate kids from their loot clever parents have devised a new fictional character:  The Halloween Fairy.  This new addition to the panel of child-age myths brings a toy to children in exchange for their Halloween candy.  Not keen on inventing a new legend?  Borrow from Charlie Brown and invoke the The Great Pumpkin! Now that the candy is out of the reach for the kids, follow the first two tips to get it out of the house.

Yes, it make take a few minutes of research and perhaps a short drive to a donation center, but the pounds of candy that would pose a health threat to your loved ones can be a precious and deeply appreciated gift to those less fortunate.

If you already overindulged in the candy and are feeling a bit sluggish you can try sprucing up by drinking plenty of water, cutting back on sugary snacks for a few days, and eating healthy calories like whole grains, granola, fruit, and vegetables.

By using our tips, you can avoid post-Halloween candy wars and instead make this a healthy tradition of sharing and gratitude.  A great theme to kick off the month of November, wouldn’t you agree?


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