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A few weeks ago the i spa Health team went to Orlando, Florida to obtain level 3 training with the Ideal Weight Loss Program. We received extensive training and knowledge but, more importantly an understanding of how to maintain an ideal body and regain health through weight loss.

We had the pleasure of meeting not only the founder and president of Ideal Protein, Olivier Benloulou, but also the doctor behind the revolutionary protocol, Dr. Tran Chanh. This training was developed to empower your weight loss coach with practical and powerful strategies to obtain the exact outcome our patients visualize.

Developed 25 years ago, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically supervised program that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass.  It is an easy 4-phase protocol which helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. It provides safe, healthy results while addressing the physiology of weight issues right at the core to correct the problem at its source.

With our small beta group within i spa, we have already lost a record 36.4 pounds and 42.74 inches. Overall, blood pressures are rapidly dropping, everyone is experiencing greater energy and we are ready to take on swimsuit season!

We are thrilled to be offering this new service and weight loss program to our patients. We hope you check back again soon to learn more about our success! We believe health begins from within and how we fuel our bodies has both short and long term impact on our overall wellness and feeling of well-being. We are certain this is the ideal weight loss program to achieve permanent success.


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